I Bet You Have Heard It So Many Times...
                                         The Money Is In The List.

Well it is true,
But first you need to offer something of good value to your list in order to make them buy.

So what should you offer them?

Why Software?

Software has an Higher Perceived Value than ebooks or videos.

When a subscriber receives an email about
Apps, Plugins or Software,

They are more likely going to want to see your offer.

So Why Not Offer Your List A Quality Software Product That You Can Monetize?

Well Designed and Easy To Use,
           Runs as a Desktop Application!

Desktop Application that will not only teach
How To Make Money From PLR Videos,
but also offers THREE Monetization Methods


Sell the Software to new customers or to your existing list.


"Check Out This Special Offer" can be rebranded with your very own affiliate link.


Build Your List by offering Potential Customers a Proven Product


Rebrand the Special Offer Button
Then sell the software, each time someone clicks to view the special offer inside the software,
they will be redirected to the affiliate link that you added.


When the software is first opened it will ask for a registration key, This is where you can Build your email list by sending people to your Opt In Page where they will need to enter their email address to receive the registration key to Unlock the Software, or have this setup so they have to complete a CPA offer to reveal the key.

You will be getting Resell Rights to How To profit With PLR Videos.

A very simple 6 part video course that will teach how to Make money by repurposing plr videos.

The 6 part video course installs as a program directly on your computer and is available as a shortcut directly on your desktop.

No more searching or wasting time... in just one click you will have the video pop-up ready to watch in a convenient accessible window.


So Let's recap what you will be getting:

For a small one time payment you will receive a small 6 part video course on How To profit With PLR Videos.
Straight to the point training, no fluff and no BS.

The videos will be inside a well designed Desktop software dashboard that will install right on the users desktop

All 6 videos will be directly available at the click of a mouse, No need to search for the videos, no need for bookmarking and videos will open up in a nice pop up on your desktop, so no distractions from an internet page.

So you can watch the videos yourself and learn how to Make money by repurposing all them PLR video courses on your hard drive, or easily find thousands online.

AND... You can REBRAND this Software Desktop App,
add your very own Affiliate Link to any website that you like, right inside the software,

PLUS... REBRAND the registration and add in your very own
autoresponder link to collect emails.

Once you have Rebranded the SPECIAL OFFER BUTTON with your own link,
and setup the registration,
Then you can sell the software dashboard app has your very own for
any price you wish and keep 100% of the profits.

But Only If You Act Fast

BONUS 1 - 29 PLR Videos Pack

You will get 29 PLR video courses that you can repurpose following the instructions from How To Profit With PLR Videos Software, and sell them has your own video course and get 100% profit from each one.

Repurpose each one and sell them seperately, or bundle a few together and sell has a firesale, or repurpose everyone and start a membership site, releasing 1 per week.

Lots of ideas on ways you can profit big with these 29 video courses.

BONUS 2 - Software Business In A Box

BONUS 3 - Link Supercharger Software

BONUS 4 - SurefireWealth Membership

BONUS 5 - Pin Campaigner

30 Day Money Back Guarentee


This Special Offer Will Expire Soon

How To Profit With PLR Videos


Are there any Upsells?

Yes.. The upsell offers Master Resell Rights to this software.
This will allow you to sell the software with the rebrander,
So your customer's can rebrand the software and sell it
has their very own.

Is this Software Mac Compatible?

This software is a Windows only software, but if you have a Windows Emulator on your Mac, it should work fine.

Is there a money back guarentee?

Yes.. You are fully covered by my 30 days money back guarentee.
If for any reason you do not like the software, then just send me a email and i will refund your money, no questions asked.

How do i get my download?

Your download will be available in your Jvzoo account straight after you have paid, You will have instant access, even if its 4am.

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This Special Offer Will Expire Soon

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